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Enhance your home's energy management with the GivEnergy All in One AC Coupled system.


This innovative solution not only enhances your home's energy efficiency but also ensures uninterrupted power during grid failures.


Here's what makes the GivEnergy All in One a standout choice:

  • Robust Power Delivery: The system efficiently delivers 7.2kW of peak power, integrating seamlessly with any solar generation​​.

  • Substantial Storage Capacity: It features a 13.5kWh usable battery pack with a modular design, including four removable battery packs for easy handling and installation​​.

  • Grid Services Ready: This system aligns with energy suppliers' initiatives, offering financial incentives for reduced electrical consumption during peak times​​.

  • Whole House Backup: In conjunction with the Giv-Gateway, it provides continuous power supply during grid outages, enabling off-grid operation until grid restoration​​.

  • Flexible Rate Tariff Compatibility: Optimized to charge off-peak for cost and environmental benefits, it discharges during peak times for maximum savings​​.

  • Expandable Design: Its modular structure allows for parallel installation of multiple units, catering to increased capacity needs​​.

  • Technical Specifications:

    • Output AC: Offers a nominal AC power with peak power capabilities, ensuring consistent energy delivery​​.
    • Battery Features: Includes a wide battery voltage range and maximum charge/discharge current, with a depth of discharge ensuring full utilization of its capacity​​.
    • Durability and Protection: Boasts an IP65 ingress protection rating, making it suitable for various environmental conditions​​.
    • Low Noise Emission: Designed to operate quietly, minimizing disruption​​.
    • Physical Attributes: Compact dimensions for ease of placement and installation​​.
    • Additional Features: Includes a clear LCD display for easy monitoring and control​​.
    • Warranty and Support: Backed by a comprehensive 12-year warranty, providing peace of mind and reliability​​.


Whether you're looking to augment your solar energy system or desire a reliable backup power source, the GivEnergy All in One AC Coupled system is an exemplary choice. Its combination of efficiency, flexibility, and innovative design positions it as a leading solution in home energy management.



GivEnergy All in One AC Coupled | 13.5kWh / Giv-Gateway

  • Feature Specification
    System Type All in One AC Coupled, 13.5kWh
    Peak Power Delivery 7.2kW
    Battery Pack 13.5kWh usable, modular with 4 removable packs
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