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Electricians Cardiff | Reliable & Efficient Electrical Services

Welcome to The Electrical Group (TEG) – your premier destination for expert electrical services in Cardiff. With a team of highly skilled electricians and a commitment to excellence, we provide a wide range of electrical solutions tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Electricians in Cardiff



Comprehensive Electrical Services in Cardiff

At TEG, we pride ourselves on offering a vast array of electrical services, ensuring that all your electrical needs are met with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Full-Range Electrical Solutions

  • Rewiring Services: We provide complete rewiring solutions for homes and businesses, ensuring your electrical system is safe, efficient, and compliant with current regulations.

  • Inspection and Testing: Our thorough inspection and testing services, detailed on our Services Page, help identify potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring your electrical systems are functioning optimally.

  • Minor Works and Repairs: From fixing sockets to repairing lighting fixtures, our team handles all minor electrical works and repairs with promptness and precision.

  • Fusebox/Consumer Unit Upgrades: Upgrade your fusebox for enhanced safety and efficiency. Our electricians are experts in consumer unit installations and upgrades.

  • Specialized Installations: We offer installation services for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor power and lighting solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

Advanced Electrical Safety Measures

  • Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) Installation: Protect your property from electrical fires with our AFDD installation services. These devices provide an added layer of safety by detecting and preventing electrical arc faults. Learn more about AFDDs here.

Renewable Energy and EV Charging

  • Solar Power Solutions: Join the renewable energy revolution with our solar power and battery solutions. We specialize in the installation of high-efficiency solar panels and battery storage systems.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points: As electric vehicles become more prevalent, we ensure you’re never out of charge. Our team installs reliable EV charging points for both home and commercial use.

Why Choose Us When Looking For Electricians in Cardiff?

Accredited and Award-Winning Service

With over a decade of experience, TEG stands out as an award-winning electrical contractor, recognized for our industry-accredited services and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, as detailed in our About Us section.

Eco-Friendly and Future-Focused

We're not just about fixing electrical issues; we're committed to powering a sustainable future. Our services are designed to be eco-friendly, promoting renewable energy solutions that contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Tailored Solutions and Professional Expertise

Our team of certified electricians in Cardiff is dedicated to providing personalized services that cater to the unique requirements of each client. With TEG, you get professional advice and services that align with the latest industry standards.

Get in Touch for Specialised Electrical Services in Cardiff

Ready to experience the difference with The Electrical Group? Contact us today to discuss your electrical needs and embark on a journey towards a safer, more sustainable future. Whether you need a simple repair or a complex installation, our team of expert electricians in Cardiff is here to assist you.

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