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  • Fitted with a 100A main switch, SPD (Surge Protection Device) and MCB that protects the SPD
  • 18th Edition Compliant
  • Amendment 3 non-combustible, robust metal enclosure
  • Type A RCBO's
  • 10 Year TEG Warranty
  • Installation
  • 25mm Flexi Tails


FuseBox A Type RCBO's (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection) provide residual and overload protection in one neat device. Available in current ratings that range from 6A to 50A.

FuseBox RCBOs have become increasingly popular due to their solid construction, attractive price and reliability. Highly rated by professional electricians with over 100 reviews, FuseBox has become the go-to brand for professionals who demand quality and affordability.

When fitted inside the FuseBox T2 surge protection consumer units, you achieve comprehensive circuit protection at a very reasonable price.

Type A RCBOs are used to detect AC (Alternating Current) and pulsating DC (Direct Current) components. Also available in a miniature A and AC version with B and C type tripping curves here.


Key Features

  • Available in current rating options: 6A to 50A.
  • Tripping curve: B curve
  • Number of pole: 1
  • Breaking capacity: 6kA
  • Terminal capacity: 1-16mm² L in, 1-10mm² Lout/Nout
  • mA rating: 30mA
  • Standard: BS EN 61009-1
  • IP rating: IP20
  • RCD type: A Type
  • Material: PA6 (Nylon 6)
  • Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz
  • Manufacturer: FuseBox

The FuseBox range is available with surge protection, RCD protection and overload protection. Suitable for domestic or light commercial use, they have been designed to meet the latest Wiring Regulations.

Fuse Box has become the #1 choice of consumer unit for electrical contractors. We carry large stocks of fuse boxes, available for next day delivery along with a great selection of circuit protection devices including MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs.

View or download the latest FuseBox brochure here. Featuring further information about FuseBox consumer units, circuit protection equipment and their other electrical products.

Available in a wide selection of useable outgoing ways that now includes dual row consumer units with up to 30 useable ways. We offer a variety of incoming device options to meet the latest safety standards.

FuseBox consumer units are highly rated by electrical contractors as they're durable and have adequate space for wiring. Whether you're looking for surge protection, residual protection, or a combination of both, we have options available to suit your next electrical project.

FuseBox RCBO Consumer Unit

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