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Maximise Your Solar Savings with the MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter.



  • Eco Smart Management: Efficiently diverts surplus solar or wind energy & more

  • Economic Benefits: Reduces energy export to the grid, slashing your electricity bills.

  • Seamless Connectivity: Internet-enabled with remote control options via the myEnergi hub.

  • Heat Pump Compatibility: Fully integrates with heat pumps using an optional Relay & Sensor Board.

  • Technical Excellence: Supports dual heaters, offers built-in boost timers, and showcases a user-friendly LCD screen.

  • Safety and Compliance: Fully EMC compliant with a recognized CE safety mark, ensuring top-notch security standards.



MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter


Introduction: Embracing the Power of Energy Diversion

In the evolving landscape of renewable energy, energy diverters have emerged as game-changers. The MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter optimises the energy you produce, ensuring minimal wastage and maximum utilisation. As our world prioritises sustainable energy, a system that efficiently manages power is indispensable.


Core Features of MyEnergi Eddi:

Eco Smart Technology:

With the MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter, you're investing in eco-smart technology. This means the Eddi smartly manages and diverts surplus power, enhancing your home's energy efficiency.


Utilisation of Renewable Energy Sources:

Harness the power of the sun, wind and more. The MyEnergi Eddi's unique design diverts power from solar PV, heat pumps or wind generation, allowing you to capitalise on nature's free energy sources.


Optimal Use for Home Appliances:

No more wastage. The MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter directs excess energy seamlessly to specific home appliances, especially immersion heaters, ensuring they run when most efficient and cost-effective. Want more from the MyEnergi range? Consider the MyEnergi Zappi EV Charger and the Libbi Hybrid BESS for comprehensive energy solutions.


Benefits of Using MyEnergi Eddi:

Economic Savings:

By diverting energy instead of exporting it back to the grid, you not only make optimal use of your generated energy but also achieve significant savings on your electricity bills.


Smart Connectivity:

Stay connected. With features like internet connection and remote control through the MyEnergi hub, you have real-time insights and control at your fingertips.


MyEnergi Eddi’s Compatibility with Heat Pumps:

Expand your renewable energy utilisation. With the optional Relay & Sensor Board, The MyEnergi Eddi works seamlessly with heat pumps, ensuring optimal energy use across all home systems.



MyEnergi Eddi Technical Specifications:

Maximum Heater Load:
MyEnergi Eddi's cutting-edge design facilitates a robust 3.68KW/16A maximum heater load, ensuring optimal and consistent performance for your home energy management.


Support Features:
Eddi stands out with its capability to support not one, but two heaters sequentially. This dual support ensures a more versatile and efficient energy diversion to various appliances as required.


Built-in Timers:
Enhance your energy efficiency with built-in programmable boost timers. These timers allow for strategic energy utilization, ensuring you get the most out of your generated power.


Eddi Data Logging Capabilities:
Stay informed. Eddi's advanced data logging capabilities offer insights into your energy savings, helping you track and optimize usage patterns over time.


Graphical LCD Screen:
Interact with a user-friendly, backlit graphical LCD screen. This feature enhances user experience, making energy management more intuitive and engaging.


Eddi Power Diverter Installation:

Easy and efficient installation is key. With the included wall-mounting bracket, setting up your MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter is hassle-free, ensuring a secure fit and optimal placement.



Safety and Compliance:

Safety is paramount. Eddi is fully EMC compliant and boasts the renowned safety credentials with its CE mark. Your energy management is not only smart but also safe.


Versatility in Energy Management:

One of Eddi's standout features is its seamless integration with battery storage systems. Whether you're already using or considering transitioning to battery storage solutions to use with the likes of our EV chargers range, the MyEnergi Eddi ensures consistent, optimal energy management across the board.



Why should you purchase The MyEnergi Eddi?

In today's world, where energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount, the MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter presents a groundbreaking solution. Its myriad of innovative features ensures that you harness every ounce of your renewable energy, directing it precisely where it's needed. As we collectively shift towards greener solutions, incorporating intelligent systems like the MyEnergi Eddi is a step in the right direction.


Ready to Upgrade Your Energy Management?

Dive into a world of efficient energy management with MyEnergi Eddi. Whether you're keen to make a purchase, need more details, or want to explore our broader range, we're here to assist. Shop now to learn more about green energy solutions, or contact us for a tailored service.

MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter

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