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SolarEdge Panels | All In One Modules

As the world leans more towards sustainable energy solutions, SolarEdge has been a frontrunner in revolutionizing solar technology.

Established in 2006 and initially celebrated for its industry-leading DC optimisers and inverters, SolarEdge has expanded its horizon. In 2019, in collaboration with tier 1 manufacturers like JA Solar, SolarEdge launched its own range of solar panels, aptly named ‘Smart Modules’.

These panels aren’t just solar panels; they are an advanced, integrated solution designed to optimise the efficiency of harvesting solar energy.

Product image of black SolarEdge Panels or Smart Modules

Overview of SolarEdge Smart Modules

SolarEdge’s foray into manufacturing its own solar panels was a strategic move to enhance the integration of its optimisation technology directly with solar modules. This integration aims to deliver superior performance right out of the box.

For homeowners and businesses looking at efficient solar solutions, SolarEdge’s initiative means access to some of the most advanced solar technology in the market. You can explore these innovations in detail on SolarEdge's official product page.

Unique Features of SolarEdge Panels

Integrated Power Optimisers

One of the standout features of SolarEdge panels is the integration of power optimisers within each module. This setup ensures that each panel operates at its optimal capacity irrespective of shading or orientation differences among other panels.

Such integration not only boosts efficiency but also speeds up the return on investment by improving overall energy yield. This feature also simplifies maintenance since individual panel monitoring becomes much more straightforward.

All-in-One Solution

The SolarEdge Smart Modules provide an all-in-one solution that incorporates the company's renowned power optimisers.

While these optimisers can be added to any standard panel, integrating them into the module simplifies installation and reduces overall system costs.

Every panel is already mapped to the monitoring platform, eliminating the need for additional configuration during setup.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

SolarEdge’s Smart Modules are designed not only for performance but also for aesthetics.

Representation of SolarEdge Panels and modules installed on a house roof in the sunshine.

These all-black, monocrystalline panels are available in wattages ranging from 345W to 375W, with the 360W model being particularly popular.

These sleek, modern panels do not just perform excellently; they also enhance the visual appeal of any rooftop.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is a crucial aspect of SolarEdge’s product design. The Smart Solar Modules come with a comprehensive 25-year warranty and feature the unique SafeDC™ mechanism.

This feature ensures that if the system’s AC supply is disconnected, the DC voltage at each module is also shut down, thereby enhancing safety during maintenance or emergencies.

Future-Proof Technology

With the growing trend towards smart homes and energy efficiency, SolarEdge panels are designed to be future-proof.

They seamlessly integrate with battery storage and other smart energy solutions, paving the way for a sustainable energy ecosystem at home.

SolarEdge Panel setup with the entire house system supplied by SolarEdge.

Cost and Value of SolarEdge Panels

While SolarEdge Smart Modules come with a premium price tag, the value they offer over time offsets the initial cost. A standard solar panel might cost around £130, but a SolarEdge Smart Module, with integrated power optimisers, costs about £180.

The significant difference comes with the inverter; a typical inverter might cost between £300-£400, whereas a SolarEdge inverter, essential for optimising panel performance, is nearly £800. But considering the enhanced performance and monitoring capabilities, the investment makes sense for those prioritizing long-term benefits and efficiency.

Why Choose SolarEdge Panels?

Choosing SolarEdge panels means investing in a premium product that offers more than just energy generation. It’s about ensuring maximum power output, aesthetic appeal, and safety, making it one of the best solar panels on the UK market.

Whether you are dealing with shading issues or simply want the most from your solar investment, SolarEdge provides an optimised solution.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation process for SolarEdge panels is straightforward, especially when handled by professionals like The Electrical Group.

We ensure that your system is set up for optimal performance from day one. Maintenance is minimal, focusing primarily on monitoring and occasional checks, which can be managed through SolarEdge’s comprehensive monitoring platform.

Installer on rooftop Installing SolarEdge Panels / Modules

Ask Us About SolarEdge Panels For Your Property

SolarEdge panels represent a smart investment for anyone looking to enhance their home’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

With integrated technologies that push the boundaries of what solar systems can achieve, these panels are not just smart; they are a wise choice for the future.

If you're considering upgrading your home with SolarEdge technology or other renewable energy systems, contact The Electrical Group.

Let us help you make a smart, sustainable choice for your energy needs.

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