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Solar Installation

SolarEdge Energy Bank.

Increase Power, Performance, and Safety.

The SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh battery is designed to easily connect with our award-winning single phase HD-Wave inverters, delivering industry-leading efficiency to ensure power when and where it’s needed most.

A complete solution from roof-to-grid

Together with SolarEdge’s integrated Smart Modules, monitoring and management platforms, and growing family of smart energy products, you’ll have one single source for everything - products, warranty, support, training and system management

More Power. More Capacity. More Independence.

  • Install a solar + storage solution designed to work together, for optimal operation

  • Produce more energy and enable larger installs with highly efficient DC-coupled technology

  • Stack up to three inverters per system, with up to three batteries per inverter

  • Charge from the grid and make the most of Time of Use tariffs

Designed for Faster Battery Installations

  • Simple plug and play installation, with automatic smartphone-based configuration via SetApp

  • Wireless communication between inverter and SolarEdge Energy Bank, reducing wiring, labor and risk of installation faults

  • No additional hardware components to manage the battery

  • Flexible installation - wall or floor, all indoor or outdoor

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Battery Storage? Is it worth it?

Off-set your energy demands..

Haven't got solar?

Haven't got the roof space?

You don't necessarily need solar to have battery storage..

Off-set your demands to off peak times with AC Charging similar to Ev Charging..

The Story

Working Family with 2 school aged children

They use 4000kWh per Year in electricity

Tariff @ 23.3p/kWh

=£932 per year + standing charges

For Heating & Hot Water they have a gas central heating system with immersion tank stationed in the airing cupboard

According to the profile set by us, given their routine we have allocated % for different times of the day as shown in the Daily Consumption illustration.   

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 10.47.03.png

4000kWh Consumption

4000kWh @ 23.3pkWh = £932

Daily Average = 4000kWh / 365 = 10.95kWh

Octopus Go Tariff @ 5pkWh 12.30am-4am

10kWh Battery - 5pkWh x 10 = 50p

50p x 365 = £182.5

23.3p x 1kWh = 23.3 x 365 = £85.05

Yearly Electric bill = £267.55

Yearly Savings = £664.45